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Alaska Department of Motor Vehicles

Every state has a government agency to regulate drivers. In Alaska, this job goes to the Division of Motor Vehicles, also called the Alaska DMV. As in all states, this agency controls licensing, ticket charges, and other important aspects of driving. If you’re a driver in Alaska, take a moment to learn what the Alaska DMV can do for you.


Alaska DMV Office Locations 

Find a DMV Office in your area.


Alaska DMV History 

Alaska is one of the newest states in the country, and thus, the Alaska DMV is one of the newest state driving agencies. The Alaska DMV is a part of Alaska Department of Administration. Read more...


Alaska DMV Services 

The Alaska DMV takes care of just about every service relating to driving and vehicles. As part of the driver services, this agency handles the state’s DUI program, all traffic hearings, CDL schools and licensing, suspensions and revocations, administering points, new driver examinations, billing, insurance regulation, and all other legislation. Read more...

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