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What is Driving School/Driver’s Ed?

There are multiple Alaska driving school options. First, new drivers can take Alaska driver’s ed classes. These are made available through most high school, as well as your local Alaska DMV. Teen driving accounts for more accidents than most other types of driving, so driver’s ed classes can help keep new drivers (and others on the road) safe.

In addition, there are Alaska driving school options for experienced drivers as well. At Alaska defensive driving school classes, you’ll go over general skills in order to build on the foundation of knowledge you already have. You can take an Alaska defensive driving class as often as you want, and every 12 months, you can actually reduce the number of points on your license and reduce your auto insurance rates in exchange for successful course completion.

Who is Required to Complete It?

The State of Alaska does not require anyone to take an Alaska driving school course in most cases. Teen drivers who want to get a license must spend at least 55 hours behind the wheel with a driver’s permit, coached by an experienced driver. At least ten of those hours must be completed at night or in adverse weather conditions. Teens can take an Alaska driving class to help satisfy these requirements, but it is not necessary.

The exception to the rule is when you get certain tickets. With some traffic violations, you have to take and Alaska driving class in order to keep your license or avoid points on your license. A judge will make this final ruling in traffic court.

What Agency Regulates It?

Alaska driver’s education and Alaska defensive driving school are common throughout the state. You can take whatever classes you want in order to become a better driver. However, if you want to get auto insurance and driving point credit for the classes, the school must be accredited. The Alaska DMV handles all Alaska driving school accreditation.

Who Teaches It?

Alaska driving school is offered at a number of locations throughout the state. You can find schools in Anchorage, Fairbanks, Juneau, the Kenai Peninsula, Kodiak, Seldovia, Ketchikan, the Mat-Su Valleu, and Petersburg. In addition, you can take Alaska driving school courses online, with schools such as Classes, both in person and online, are taught by certified instructions, regulated by the Alaska DMV.

Instructor Requirements

Not just anyone can be a certified Alaska driving instructor. Before teaching at an Alaska DMV-accredited school, instructors must meet the following requirements:

  • Pass written objective driver’s safety tests
  • Complete 40+ hours of college-level training in driving or classroom teaching
  • Be at least 25 years old
  • Be a license holder for at least 2 years
  • Have no traffic violations in the past 2 years, and no suspensions, revocations, or convictions for reckless driving for at least 5 years


Alaska Driving School

Alaska driving school locations are spread throughout the state. Some of the most popular include The AA Driver’s Educational School in Anchorage, The Peninsula Driving Academy in the Kenai Peninsula, and the Petersburg Community School in Petersburg. These Alaska driver’s ed classes offer both classroom and on-the-road learning.

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