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Road Rage

Alaska may not have as many drivers per square mile as other states, but people still get hot heads when they driver. Road rage is common in this state, especially around cities and other high traffic areas. If you’re going to drive in this state, take a moment to learn about Alaska road rage laws and how to avoid road rage when you’re behind the wheel.    

What is Road Rage?

An Alaska road rage ticket is officially a reckless driving ticket. In some cases, this charge can be lowered to negligent driving. But what is road rage in the first place and why does it create a dangerous situation?

Alaska road rage is when drivers in this state are violently aggressive. You should always drive defensively, but some drivers, because of impatience, actually put other drivers at risk. Some characteristics of road rage include the following:

  • Weaving in and out of lanes
  • Rude gestures
  • Yelling or cursing
  • Threatening with a gun or other weapon
  • Tailgating
  • Using high beams
  • Cutting you off

Road rage usually happens when a stressed driver either encounters poor drivers or is running late. They see everything as a competition, and if you make a mistake while driving (like stopping quickly), they take it personally.

Incidents Increasing

We live in an increasingly stressful world, and unfortunately, this is making our nation’s highways more dangerous. Working adults typically have longer workdays and more responsibilities – they are often running late. When patient runs thin, road rage increases.

Alaska road rage isn’t necessarily as prominent as road rage in other states. However, it still exists, and you can especially notice road rage near the major cities and near popular tourist locations. In Alaska, many people choose to vacation via RV, and road rage is only amplified in larger vehicles. As most people travel to this state every year, road rage incidents are increasing.

How to Avoid Confrontation

As a driver in Alaska, one of the easiest ways to stay safe on the roads is to avoid confrontation with those exhibiting signs of road rage. Use the following tips to avoid Alaska road rage:

  • If you get into an accident with someone who seems upset, stay into your car until the police arrive.
  • Avoid returning rude gestures or yelling at the other driver. If someone else shows signs of road rage, pretend that you don’t see them.
  • Stay in the right-hand lane. That way, drivers who are in a hurry can drive past you.
  • Pull over to the side of the road if the driver behind you is tailgating or giving you high beams.
  • When in doubt, call the police (when you can do so safely).


Cooler Heads Prevail

If you’re convicted of Alaska road rage, depending on your specific offenses, you could be facing fines, license suspensions, jail time, and more. Cool heads always prevail, because if you’re often involved in Alaska road rage incidents, you will get caught. There are multiple ways citizens can report Alaska road rage.

There is no single Alaska road rage ticket. Instead, you will be charged with reckless driving or negligent driving in most cases. You might also be charged with other offenses, like speeding. If you’re involved with a road rage incident, chances are that you’ll get at least six points on your license, which automatically means that you have to go to driving school to keep your license.

That’s not to mention the fines, possible injuries, and damages you can do to your car and the cars of others. Road rage is often thought of as a casual annoyance, but this is serious – you can hurt yourself, your passengers, pedestrians, and anyone else on Alaska’s roads.

How it Starts and Ends

Road rage usually starts when a driver is late or when a driver is already in a bad mood or stressed. Alaska road rage drivers tend to take things personally, and they have no patience. So, if someone merges, inadvertently cutting off another driver, someone who is already late for work or angry about things at home will exhibit signs of road rage.

Alaska road rage, unfortunately, often escalates because other drivers get involved. This is where keeping a cool head comes in handy. If you don’t the road rage will build and build until it ends unhappily. Sadly, many road rage incidents lead to accidents, some of which are fatal, and those that do not often end with one or more drivers being pulled over and ticketed. Road rage rarely ends positively.

Reporting Road Rage

If you see other drivers exhibiting signs of road rage, your best course of action is to report road rage as soon as you can do so safely. Avoid using your cell phone while driving, even to call the police. Pull over or have a passenger car. Make sure to write down the license plate number, make and model of the car, and driver description. The police can’t always do much about it unless they witness the traffic violations, but if they get multiple reports for the same vehicle, they may investigate the problems further. In any case, if road rage is continuously occurring, they can patrol these high-stress areas to make the roads safer for everyone.

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