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Alaska Traffic court

Every state deals with traffic violations through a special court system. These traffic courts are meant to help keep things flowing so that trials and hearing don’t get backed up in the government. If you’ve been cited with a traffic violation, you might have to go to Alaska traffic court.

Duties of the Court

Alaska traffic court is a part of the district court system. District courts were created in this state in 1959, and currently there are 21 Alaska court judges at the district level. It is their duty to ensure that you have a fair trial. They also are responsible for issuing summonses, arrest warrants, and search warrants, as well as handling records. At the end of your trial, a district court judge will decide if you are guilty or innocent and, should the trial not go in your favor, he or she will determine your penalty.

According to Alaska traffic court law, a district judge does not have to oversee traffic cases. In their stead, a magistrate can oversee the hearing and trial. By using magistrates, the Alaska traffic court system helps overload some of the workload, keeping things moving more quickly through the court system, but still in a fair way.

Services Provided

Alaska traffic court provides a number of services relating to your traffic violation. A magistrate or district judge will determine your fate after hearing your case, and will oversee the paperwork involved. You’ll be able to pay your ticket through the Alaska traffic court, and they’ll also oversee your other penalties (which may include license suspensions, jail time, and so forth).

You can actually take care of paying your ticket online through the Alaska traffic court website. This is a great feature that helps reduce the amount of paperwork. In addition, it helps people pay their fines on time without worrying about getting to an Alaska court location or Alaska DMV. Check out the Alaska court system website to find out more today!

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